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We are a Zoöp - an organisation in which humans collaborate with other-than-human life.

As a Zoöp we contribute to ecological regeneration. In all of our actions we aim to support the health of multi-species communities in the ground, in the water, on the land and in the air.

As a Zoöp we anchor this principle in our practice by including a Speaker for the Living as an advisor, teacher and board observer in our organisation.

The Speaker for the Living acts as a representative of the other-than-human life in the spatial and operational sphere of our organisation. To the best of their abilities, the Speaker will help to translate the interests of other-than-human life to what we do and should not do.

As a Zoöp we follow the Zoönomic Annual Cycle and perform interventions that will foster the ecological integrity of our Zoöp and its surroundings.

Zoöp is short for Zoöperation: coöperation with zoë – (Greek for ‘life’) Together with other Zoöps we work towards the transformation of our economy into a regenerative human-inclusive ecosystem, a network of exchange of matter, energy and meaning that supports all bodies in their existence.

22 April 2022