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The Amsterdam Zuidoost Food forest (VBAZO) wants to transform public green spaces into healthy, beautiful and sustainable ecosystems throughout Amsterdam Zuidoost. In contrast to other food forests in the Netherlands, VBAZO will not be a single demarcated place, but a managed ecological zone that spreads over 55 hectares within the K-neighborhood.

The group working on the site of VBAZO includes people aged 26 to 82 that are representative of the area’s diverse backgrounds.Together they form a ‘community of practice with a wide range of knowledge and talents in gardening, permaculture, agroecology, regenerative agriculture, technology, urban landscape maintenance, management, sewing, cooking, and food conservation techniques, but also marketing and communications, art, sports, education, and neighbourhood history. The community of practice also interconnects the networks of the individual members in order to strengthen support for the food forest project when many hands are needed. Valuable connections have been made with the area’s community gardeners, and many related neighbourhood organisations whose work focuses on health and well-being.


VBAZO measures 55 hectares.


K-buurt/borough between Krimpertplein and Kleefkruidstraat AZO, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Current type of organisation

VBAZO is currently a Community of Praxis (CoP/Praktijkgemeenschap – pg) and was initiated by the Urbaniahoeve foundation. The VBAZO-CoP collaborates closely with municipal partners from Ground and Development, Stadswerken, the CSO and the area manager of AZO. 

Human population 

There is an active community around VBAZO, who regulary work on site. These are the members of the Community of Practice who bring with them a wide variety of knowledge and talents.

Non-human population

Gathering of this information is still in progress and currently unavailable.