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UCU explores the concept of the zoöp from three overlapping angles: as an investigation into the possibilities of legal representation of the non-human life on campus, as an educational project around culture-nature relations, and as a community journey of practical interspecies engagement.


The campus of UCU measures 70.000 m2.


Campusplein 1, 3584 ED Utrecht, The Netherlands

Footprint Buildings

Paved area: 15,000-20,000 m2.

Current type of organisation

A group of students and teachers is exploring the ways in which the college (which is a part of Utrecht University) could become a Zoöp. Simulteneously it is developing the Zoöp as a project around learning, more-than-human-community care, radical inclusivity and knowledge production.

Human population 

UCU is an educational institution and around 750 students are present on its site.

Non-human population

The 70,000 m2 residential campus of UCU houses grass, plants, bushes, around a hundred trees, as well as many species of animals.