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Zoöp in Venice session 1: Observing & Sensing

23 September / 12:30 - 16.30 / Ocean Space

The first research session, Observing & Sensing, revolves around the question of how the different human, more-than-human, organisational and legal bodies that together constitute the Zoöp in Venice perceive each other? What bodies are acknowledged by which other bodies? Which bodies are invisible or unknown to which other bodies? This session works with the results of the process of Demarcating the Zoöp, which is done prior to the research sessions.

During this session the participants visit the lagoon by boat. The session aims to sketch a map of Venice including the lagoon as an emergent, dynamic collection of (very) different life-worlds. Observing & Sensing works from the notion that all bodies’ life-worlds are both constituted as well as limited by their sensory, metabolic and imaginative abilities. Participating experts from different knowledge practices contribute significant perspectives to this collaborative mapping.

Zoöp in Venice session 2: Characterising

24 September / 10:30 - 13.00 / Ocean Space

In the second session of the public research into a Zoöp in Venice, participants assess the general health of the Zoöp in Venice by characterising the quality of the relationships between its different constituent bodies. This session unfolds around the questions of whether and how the different constituent bodies (and networks of bodies) support or obstruct each other’s quality of life. 

Building further upon knowledge gathered in the first session, participants work to depict the delicate balance of the natural environment and the pivotal role that humans play in its maintenance. Characterising will help cultivate insights into the inner and outer workings of the Venice Lagoon and provide the organisation of future Zoöps in Venice with the necessary knowledge to locate urgent issues and effectively discuss the possible zones and angles of intervention. 

Presentation: Venice Zoöp Zones of Intervention

24 September time / 13.30 - 14.00 / Ocean Space

Presentation of the findings of the research workshop on the baseline assessment of a Zoöp in Venice and the possible interventions to improve its quality of life.