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The group investigated 67 possible indices of vegetation quality that can be obtained using open data from various ESA satellites. The six most relevant for zoöps were established as biomass, NDVI, NDWI, the chlorophyl index, vegetation stress and vitality. The information from these indices can be combined with local data to be gathered from humidity sensors, air quality sensors, but also cameras, microphones and or from observation apps like or . This combination increases significantly both the spatial and the temporal granularity of the indices and adds depth and context to the observation apps. The integration of remote and local data sources thus gives much more robust index of changes than any of them can give on their own.

Two modes of data integration were explored: soft integration would limit itself to collecting and correlating several types of data. Hard integration would compute an aggregated overall index out of a collection of different datasets. The soft integration method appeared to be most suitable for application within zoöp context, because it allows for more flexible combination of different data sources. 

The schematics of the system were drawn in such a way that different data sources can be added modularly. This would make it possible (for instance) to replace the data from a Copernicus satellite by data from a microscope. The computational heavy lifting of calculating the indexes will take place on the server side.

The user interface for zoöps should then be accessible by affordable phones or tablets. Applying this instrument for a starting zoöp should become as straightforward as opening an account, drawing a polygon on the map, placing or selecting local data sources, and consulting the resulting reports. 

Finally, it was concluded that such a Datafusion Instrument would allow the ZMB to easily get an overview of zoönomic developments of a range of zoöps


  • Andrei Bocin-Dumitriu (space4good)
  • Ricardo Cano-Matteo
  • Natalia Derossi
  • Syne Fonk
  • Sjef van Gaalen
  • Theun Karelse
  • Klaas Kuitenbrouwer
  • Anne van Leeuwen
  • Marthijn Pool
  • Debra Solomon
  • Bianca Slieker