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As part of the Zoöp R&D (Research & Development) web magazine, documentation of the research carried out in the context of the Zoöp project is collected here.

It includes reports of collective design research sessions elaborating the zoöp format, which took place as part of Neuhaus - Academy for More-Than-Human Knowledge. This research builds on concepts derived from the Terraforming Earth research, organised around the Gardening Mars exhibition. Documentation and development of research conducted on the development of zoönomic instruments and methods, the ways in which zoöps monitor the development of their zoönomic quality and make it legible, can also be found below.

Recent Items

Neuhaus Zoöp Research Facility

The Neuhaus Zoöp Research Facility is a facility for public, practical research into alternative forms of living together, working together and generating ecological capital.

Exploratorium Venice

From May until August 2020, an international group of designers, scientists, artists and activists will work together online to explore the values behind specific social, urban and ecological issues affecting Venice, as well as other parts of the world. We Are Here Venice is a partner in the programme.

Workshop Reports

Report Zoöp Workshop III: Developing Instruments for Ecological Assessment

This is a summary of the third zoöp research session's main findings. This session took place in the context of the Neuhaus temporary academy for more-than-human knowledge. The aim of this third zoöp research workshop was to further conceptualise some of these zoönomic instruments.

Report Zoöp Workshop II: Measuring the Ecological Development of a Zoöp

Summary of the main new thoughts and additions to the zoöp concept that were developed in the second zoöp research workshop. This workshop focused on ways to assess ecological development.

Report Zoöp Workshop I: Legal Representation for (Collective Bodies of) Non-Humans

Summary of the main thoughts and additions to the zoöp concept that were developed in the first zoöp research workshop. Can equality between humans and non-humans be legally implemented in such a way that it leads to ecological regeneration?

Report Terraforming Earth Lab 2: Autonomous Agents for a Regenerative Ecology

Autonomous Agents for Regenerative Ecology was the second lab in a series of three Terraforming Earth Labs. The second lab built on work that was carried out during the first lab: Constitution of a 21st Century.

Report Terraforming Earth Lab 1: Constitution of a 21st Century Society

The Terraforming Earth project was developed as a response to the Gardening Mars exhibition, part of the Dissident Gardens project. Gardening Mars investigates the notion of terraforming Mars.

Terraforming Earth Talks

The Terraforming Earth talks by Jaya Klara Brekke and Jay Springett were the public start of the Terraforming Earth programme, a series of lectures and design labs about 21st-century society.