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Proto-zoöps zijn organisaties die op weg zijn om Zoöps te worden.

Huidige Proto-Zoöps


Name: EcoVredeGaard  
Project: Innovative food forest 
Size: 1 hectare
Location: Between Schuytgraaf, Arnhem and Elst, the Netherlands
Footprint buildings: 0.0005 hectare 
Current type of organisation: Non-profit, social profit movement, foundation transforming economy into a natural way of acting and interacting

Het Nieuwe Instituut

Name: Het Nieuwe Instituut
Project: First experimental zoöp: Two large ponds, The New Garden, a terrace cafe and roof collection building at Het Nieuwe Instituut.
Size: 1.3 hectares
Ponds: 0.5 hectare, average depth 80 cm
Garden: 0.26 hectare
Roof of Collection building (including West and Oostkop): 0.2 hectares
Location: Museumpark, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Current type of organisation: Foundation, cultural institute for architecture, design and digital culture


Bodemzicht ('soil perspective') is a regenerative farm right next to Nijmegen. The farm wants to provide a realistic circular alternative to current agriculture and create a long term future for farmers in the Netherlands.

We Are Here Venice
*Please note: this is a proto-proto-zoöp, proposed during the Covid-19 pandemic within the limits of possibility.

Name: We Are Here Venice
Project: Observation of salt marsh dynamics
Size: 210 m2
Location: Venetian Lagoon
Footprint buildings: None
Current type of organisation: NGO, private property

Fort Abcoude

Name: Fort Abcoude 
Project: Hotel, restaurant and pop-up cultural activities by Igor Sancisi (Grayfield) en Marthijn Pool (Space&Matter), also fostering a thriving ecosystem
Size: Fortress island: 28,500 m2
Location: Fort bij Abcoude, Molenweg 19, 1391 CH Abcoude
Surface covered with soil and vegetation: 2770 m2
Surface covered with hard paving: 1600 m2
Current type of organisation: KoolGeitWolf B.V.
Commercial enterprise with for-profit business model, commited to investing in improving the eco-system and enhancing the flora and fauna

Urbaniahoeve Demonstration Food Forest: 'DemoTuinNoord' (DTN)

Name: Urbaniahoeve Demonstration Food Forest
Project: Demonstration food forest
Size: 1200m2
Location: Amsterdam Noord, Berberisstraat 16, 1032 EL, Amsterdam
Current type of organisation: This 10-year-old urban food forest is the outdoor studio of artist Debra Solomon / the Urbaniahoeve foundation, plant nursery, topsoil production location, urban soils research laboratory, and "Red List" Pond. 

Amsterdam Zuidoost Urban Food Forest / Voedselbos Amsterdam Zuidoost (VBAZO)

The Amsterdam Zuidoost Food forest (VBAZO) is an area of 55 hectares, located in the K-neighborhood of Amsterdam Bijlmermeer, where a group of active residents work on the design, implementation and management of a food forest.


Name: Zone2Source
Project: Communal garden
Size: 2 Pavilions of 250m2 and 62m2
Location: Amstelpark, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Footprint buildings: 312m2

Current type of organisation: Platform for art, nature and technology, not for profit foundation

KeningsHof van Stichting Kening

Name: KeningsHof van Stichting Kening
Project: Farm and meadow land
Size: 1000 hectares
Location: Friesland, The Netherlands
Footprint buildings: 170m2
Current type of organisation: Foundation combining knowledge, culture and action


Name: Sumowala
Project: A social enterprise offering people nature experiences close to cities
Size: The planned area per settlement is approximately 20 hectares
Footprint buildings: The planned ratio of nature and buildings is 95 to 5%: 19 hectares of new nature to 1 hectare of walking paths and cabins.
Current type of organisation: Social Enterprise


Mäusebunker is a former animal testing laboratory in Berlin. Design Studio BrandlHuber+ aims to transform this iconic site into a place for multispecies co-habitation.

University College Utrecht

University College Utrecht (UCU) is a Liberal Arts College of Utrecht University. Its 70,000 m2 residential campus houses grass, plants, bushes, around a hundred trees, as well as many species of animals, among which about 750 humans.


Krater is an emerging production space for transdisciplinary practices, which sprouted from the neglected, crater-resembling construction site near the city center of Ljubljana.

Zeeuwse Milieufederatie

The ZMF (Vereniging Zeeuwse Milieufederatie) is working towards a more sustainable and beautiful Zeeland. They have a growing impact on our shared environment, which is a good thing, as nature needs their powerful voice. They are engaged in various activities and have 3 main roles. The ZMF represents affiliated members and forms an umbrella organisation that represents their interests. In addition, they protect nature and the environment in Zeeland and beyond. And connect and drive initiatives that contribute to a sustainable society.
Zoöp and the ZMF are working together to provide organisations with a way to contribute to ecological regeneration using the Zoöp model. Together we want to set up a network of collaboration between human and non-human life where we can work towards a more healthy shared living environment.