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Design Studio Brandlhuber, DARCH, ETH Zürich is working on the building of Mäusebunker, a former animal testing laboratory in Berlin. Mäusebunker survived its almost inevitable demolition, thanks to the joined forces of architects, politicians and citizens. Now that the building got a second chance the question is: what is the future of Mäusebunker?

The studio will answer this question by proposing an architectural design for re-using the iconic brutalist building. Today, the current environmental and biodiversity crisis has transformed our ecosystem fundamentally. The collaboration between humans and non-humans is the only alternative for all of us – planetary – to survive: we must not only co-exist but co-operate.


Hindenburgdamm 26, 12203 Berlin, Germany

Current type of organisation

Design Studio Brandlhuber, an architecture studio based in Berlin, Germany.